Impi Lightning Surge Protector

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Impi Lightning Surge Protector

For Your Pet Containment System

Product Description

Impi Lightning Surge Protector For Your Pet Containment System

A must have for all Containment systems.

Did you know in the event of a severe storm your Containment power unit is at risk of shorting out or maybe creating a fire at the source. This is why we recommend an Impi Lightening surge protector for peace of mind

  • Specially designed for Pet Containment Systems using a boundary loop wire.
  • In the event of a catastrophic lightning surge, it completely disconnects AC power to connected equipment.
  • Provides protection on both the loop & AC sides.
  • Protects transmitter against damage from most surges, providing for 24/7 protection for your pet.
  • Spring connectors easily attach to loop wires & hold them firmly in place.
  • 2 outlets on the LSP-1000 allow for protection without losing use of an outlet.
  • Power indicator light shows protection is in place.
  • Installs easily in minutes.
  • Electrical Safety Shut Off
  • AC Suppression Rating: 800 VAC (L-N, L-G, N-G)
  • Line Voltage.:240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Peak Current Impulse: 50 kA
  • Transient Energy Rating: 1250 Joules
  • < 1 nanosecond activation time
  • Isolation Resistance…. > 100 mega ohms (typically > 1 gig ohm)
  • 15 A (1850 W) Operational Current
  • 100 V Loop Clamping Voltage
Major components have been tested to International Standard for lightning protection of low ohmic devices such as Pet Containment Systems using a loop wire buried or laying on or near the surface.
  • Use Impi Lightning Surge Protector only indoors in a dry location
  • Warranty is void if seal is broken or has been opened.
Impi Lightning Surge Protector is specially designed for Australian conditions: the unit installs easily with 2 sets of spring connectors; one each for the loop wire around the perimeter of the yard and the short connection from the protector to the transmitter. In addition to providing 24/7 protection from catastrophic lightning strikes the unit also provides AC shut off protection for each of the two available power outlets located on either side.
The Impi Lightning Surge Protector provides the greatest value available in lightning protection even amongst competitive products which only allow the use of one available outlet. The outlets are conveniently turned to accommodate both traditional plugs as well as larger AC transformers. A power indicator on the front gives visual indication the unit is powered and operating properly.
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